WP Easy Updates

This plugin was developed to provide easy update solutions for products produced by us at AyeCode Ltd.  Anyone who has products distributed by EDD or GitHub can provide this to their users to easily update products

= For Developers =

To make your plugin or theme compatible all you have to do is add 1-2 lines to your plugins main PHP file DocBlock or for themes the style.css file.

EDD Software Licencing:
To make your plugin compatible with EDD Software Licencing just add the URL of your website and the product id such as

Update URL: https://yoursite.com/


Update ID: 54321

The Update ID is the post ID of the product on your site.


To make your plugin/theme compatible with GitHub you just have to add URL of the repo to your plugins main PHP file DocBlock or style.css file for themes.

Update URL: https://github.com/AyeCode/test-product/

The system will check for Releases and check the release tag as the version number to compare to.

At the moment this plugin will run a check for each plugin/theme update, when EDD SL v3.6 is release we will be able to send the request as and array so if you have 20 plugins from the same vendor, your site will only send one request instead of 20.

To show a that WP Easy Updates is required you can add the below code to your plugin/theme also.